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The book, Prayer and Praise: My Stress Relievers, it is so important for the people of God. We must know that this is the only way we can communicate with God. We must be able to pray and praise God despite our circumstances. Then we must teacher these lessons to our children. Jesus reminds us to pray always and not faint (St. Luke 18:1). This book reminds us that we have many test and trials. Prayer and praise are the only thing that will give us a peace of mind and joy. Through this book, I hope you will be reminded of the lessons many of use were taught as children. There is power in prayer and praise. As you read this book, I pray that you are encouraged and empowered. If you do not routinely practice prayer, I hope that this book inspires, encourages, and motivates you to start a prayer life. For those who have allowed the fiery embers of prayer to diminish or be extinguished, I pray that your prayer life will be sparked, reawakened and revived.

Prayer and Praise is My Stress Reliever

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