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At the True Love Church there is something for everyone. We are a family oriented church that seeks to serve every population. We have ministries relevant to every age and phase of life.



As prayer is a vital part of the life of a believer, we invite you to come be a part of one of our weekly prayer services. Our team of intecessors are willing to pray for any concerns or situations. For times and dates, please visit the events page. Remember, God does answer prayer.

Elders / Seniors


Here at the True Love Church, we believe that ministry is about reaching outside of the church walls. With this in mind, a ministry group from the True Love Church visits, prays, and encourages residents of the Cedar Crest Nursing home monthly. Come be a part of shining the light of Christ. For times and dates, please visit the events page.

Sunday school


The study of God's Word can have an impact on the life of the Believer like none other. Come join us for a refreshing time of study in God's word on Sunday Mornings at 10:00 a.m. These small group studies will enhance your knowledge of and motivation to know God.



Generation Now is the True Love Church's youth ministry. This ministry focuses on developing young men and women to live Godly lifestyles. As well, we promote a daily life commitment to whole-person wellness to include: spirituality, education, community service and much more. Come be a part of Generation NOW!



Just as David danced before the Lord, you will find the music ministry at the True Love Church to be invigorating and uplifting. Musical worship ranges from traditional to contemporary to urban. You are sure to enjoy the lively style of worship at TLC.

Community service


As commissioned by the scriptures, TLC believes that it is the job of the local church to minister to the needs of the local community. In such, TLC hosts several community events. These events include: Fall Clothes Give-A-Way; Adpot-a-School Initiatives; Praise in the Park Celebration; and much much more.

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